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🔖 Recommend a cheap hotel or hostel in the city centre Kharkiv
The most popular hotels in the city centre on the website Hotel Pletnevskiy Inn, Apartment Keyless, Hostel Pletnevskiy.
All hotels within a 3 km radius from the city centre Kharkiv.
You can book a room at any of these hotels by calling the 24/7 phone number: 0675101504
💵 What are the average prices for accommodation in Kharkiv?
Accommodation prices in Kharkiv start from 200 UAH per night.
The average cost of a double room is 900 UAH.
See all accommodation options in Kharkiv.
🛏️ How to find low-cost accommodation in Kharkiv?
💬 How to choose a hotel or hostel with good reviews?
There is a large number of hotels with feedback from real visitors on our website
The best from them — Apartment hotel Apartment on Sumskaya, Mini hotel Caricinskiy, Hostel Major.
All properties with high scores from guests.
🏨 How many option for accomodation are available in Kharkiv?
We've picked up 121 option of accomodation with the price from 200 UAH in Kharkiv.
You’ll definitely find the right one for yourself.
See all accommodation options in Kharkiv.