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Cottage Prem‘iera
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Quiet new cottage-hotel, with a miracle, spacious bright rooms. Roztashoviny for 2 km from m. Svalyava (4 km from the railway and bus station), in a small village. Blueberry. Nearby, only 12 km, there is a resort with. Glade🤗. For 50 meters from the hotel there is a grocery store, and for 200 meters there is a lake and forest.

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Svaliava, Chernik, 56а
  • Hotel services

    Bar, Internet, Parking, Washing house, Restaurant, Room service, POS terminal, Brazier, Food and beverage delivery to the room, Breakfast in the room, Barbecue Accessories, Coffee house on site, Street parking, Terrace, Ironing Service, New Year's banquet, Electric generator

    Quantity of rooms in hotel: 4

  • Hotel Policies

    These are general hotel policies, they may vary per room type; Please check the description of your room.
    Check in
    Check arrival: from 12:00 - 00:00 hours. Check leaving: to 12:00 - 00:00 hours.
    Children and extra beds
    Extra beds are provided, the cost is specified when booking.
  • Information about nutrition

    On the first floor there is a restaurant with delicious home cooking
  • Distance to object:
    Lifts Polyana ~ 10.0км
    Bus stations Svalyava ~ 4.0км
    Railway stations Svalyava ~ 4.0км
    Attractions Zamok Palanok ~ 25.0км
  • Travel information

    You can get a taxi. Vіd railway station 3 km
  • Frequently asked Questions

    ⏰ What time is cottage Prem‘iera check-in and check-out?
    Check-in: from 12:00 - 00:00 hours. Check leaving: to 12:00 - 00:00 hours.
    More information about Cottage Prem‘iera.
    🏨 How many cottage Prem‘iera rooms?
    Total in cottage Prem‘iera 4 rooms.
    To get more information about the rooms and their availability, select the dates of the trip on the website.
    🍳 What services are available in Cottage Prem‘iera?
    For guests cottage Prem‘iera the following services are available (additional fees may be charged):
    • Bar
    • Internet
    • Parking
    • Washing house
    • Restaurant
    • Room service
    • POS terminal
    • Brazier
    • Food and beverage delivery to the room
    • Breakfast in the room
    • Barbecue Accessories
    • Coffee house on site
    • Street parking
    • Terrace
    • Ironing Service
    • New Year's banquet
    • Electric generator
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