Apartment na ul. Urickogo 3
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To the attention of the guests Evpatoria offers a holiday in a private apartment located 1 minute walk from the sea. The apartment has 5 rooms and a private patio with a barbecue. They have everything you need for a comfortable stay and a pleasant stay by families or companies. The apartment is equipped with TV, double and single beds, air conditioning, comfortable furniture, jacuzzi. The kitchen has everything you need for self cooking. In the courtyard there are swings, as well as a table with chairs. PRICES MAY CHANGE, YOU NEED TO RECEIVE INFORMATION FROM THE OPERATOR!

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14 14 beds
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Description of the room: Separate courtyard, two bathrooms, 4 air conditioners, good repair.

Multimedia and Internet TV
Room amenities Kitchen in a room
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Yevpatoria, on the street. Uritsky 3, apt. 4
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    Check arrival: from 12:00 - 13:00 hours. Check leaving: to 12:00 - 13:00 hours.
  • Location of the hotel

    Attention of the guests of Evpatoria is offered in private apartments located 1 minute walk from the sea.
    GPS coordinates:
    N 45.1854473
    E 33.3675921
  • Distance to object:
    City center Downtown ~ 2.5км
  • Travel information

    It is better to get to Evpatoria by direct train. If you eat from Simferopol, then you can get to Evpatoria by bus (about 1, 5 hours) or by train (about 2 hours).
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