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Recreation centre Volna Svitlovodsk, ul.Zavodskaya , 4Л
~ 10.5 km to the center
This distance on the map in a straight line. The actual distance traveled by car or public transport may vary.

Hotel-restaurant complex "Wave" is located in a pine forest on the banks of the Dnieper River. The hotel-restaurant complex has 17 rooms, suites, junior suites and standard....

Internet Restaurant Bar Parking POS terminal
Cities Kirovograd of region:
Svitlovodsk (1)


💵 What are the average prices for accommodation in Svitlovodsk?
Accommodation prices in Svitlovodsk start from 1100 UAH per night.
The average cost of a double room is 1600 UAH.
See all accommodation options in Svitlovodsk.
🛏️ How to find low-cost accommodation in Svitlovodsk?
💬 How to choose a hotel or hostel with good reviews?
There is a large number of hotels with feedback from real visitors on our website
The best from them — Recreation centre Volna.
All properties with high scores from guests.
🏨 How many option for accomodation are available in Svitlovodsk?
We've picked up 1 option of accomodation with the price from 1100 UAH in Svitlovodsk.
You’ll definitely find the right one for yourself.
See all accommodation options in Svitlovodsk.