Recreation centre Gerakleya
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The recreation center "Herakleia" is located in the west of the Crimean peninsula in the resort zone of the city. Sevastopol, on the North side, near the sea. The recreation center is located on a small landscaped fenced area and consists of cozy wooden cottages (60 beds). Guests are offered accommodation in single-storey cottages with stained-glass windows. Each house is equipped with comfortable wooden furniture. The TV is in a freestanding building. On the territory of the recreation center "Herakleia" there are a cafe-dining room, a barbecue, comfortable places for rest, as well as a place for cultural events and a video salon. There is an individual transfer for a car with a capacity of 4 people. PRICES MAY CHANGE, IT IS REQUIRED TO RECEIVE INFORMATION FROM THE OPERATOR.

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Description of the room: Modern wooden one-storey cottages. Each house is equipped with comfortable wooden furniture (two bunk single beds, folding table, storage space), bed linen, blanket, blanket, pillow. The shower and toilet are in a separate building.

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Sevastopol, settlement of Vyazovaya Grove
  • Hotel services

    Recovery, Activities

    Quantity of rooms in hotel: 15

  • Hotel Policies

    These are general hotel policies, they may vary per room type; Please check the description of your room.
    Check in
    Check arrival: from 09:00 - 10:00 hours. Check leaving: to 09:00 - 10:00 hours.
    Children and extra beds
    Children under 3 years without a seat are free. The cost of extra space is 70 UAH, for children under 15 years - 60 UAH.
  • Location of the hotel

    District Vyazovaya Grove, next to the village Orlovka. 280 meters to the comfortable sandy beach.
    GPS coordinates:
    N 44.6165917
    E 33.5248661
  • Distance to object:
    City center Downtown ~ 6.1км
  • Travel information

    From the railway or bus station in Sevastopol on the trolleybus No. 1, 9, 7 or by route taxi No. 20-a, 110-a, 112-a, 109-a, 17-a, 26-a to the stop "Nakhimova Square". Then by boat to the north side of the city Sevastopol (Zakharova Square). Then take minibus taxi №36 from Zakharova square (North side) or by taxi №137 from Ushakov area in Sevastopol to the stop of the Polina Osipenko state farm (turn to the village of Vyazovaya Grove).
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