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Hotel Orion Yavoriv, Shevchenka Str, 1 Yavoriv district, Krakovetska highway 1km (Kozhychi village)
~ 35.0 km to the center
This distance on the map in a straight line. The actual distance traveled by car or public transport may vary.

Hotel "Orion" is a comfortable complex, located 9 km from the city. Lviv, in a picturesque corner of Yavorivshchyna, the village of Kozhichi. Having completed your stay in our...

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Cities Lviv of region:
Lviv (437)
Brody (1)
Drohobych (1)
Morshyn (9)
Mostyska (1)
Plai (7)
Pustomyty (1)
Shidnytsia (33)
Skole (14)
Slavske (117)
Stryi (3)
Truskavets (53)
Turka (3)
Tysovets (4)
Yavoriv (1)