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Apartment Lviv4U ul. Lichakovskaya, 8/210
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Apartment of "Lviv4u of street of Lichakovskaya, 8/210" located in the center of Lviv in a 1,1 km Areas are Market, expected on four persons. Dwelling is offered to the guests in the one-room suites of rooms. There is the autonomous heating in the suites of rooms, hot and cold water without interruption, built-in kitchen, plasma television set, free internet, bed with an orthopaedic mattress and two folding arm-chairs.On all territory free access of Wi-fi is given. A house have places for parking of cars. Alongside there is a great number of establishments of feed, shops. Not far away stops of streetcars and rout taxis.

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Lviv, ul. Lichakovskaya, 8/210
  • Hotel services

    Internet, Room service, Staff speaks English

    Quantity of rooms in hotel: 1

  • Hotel Policies

    These are general hotel policies, they may vary per room type; Please check the description of your room.
    Check in
    Check arrival: from 14:00 - 00:00 hours. Check leaving: to 00:00 - 11:00 hours.
    Children and extra beds
    Children can be accommodated for free in existing places.
  • Distance to object:
    City center Square Market ~ 1.1км
    Bus stations ~ 6.7км
    Railway stations ~ 3.6км
  • Travel information

    Near a convenient traffic interchange and not expensive guarded parking.
  • Frequently asked Questions

    ⏰ What time is apartment Lviv4U ul. Lichakovskaya, 8/210 check-in and check-out?
    Check-in: from 14:00 - 00:00 hours. Check leaving: to 00:00 - 11:00 hours.
    More information about Apartment Lviv4U ul. Lichakovskaya, 8/210.
    🏨 How many apartment Lviv4U ul. Lichakovskaya, 8/210 rooms?
    Total in apartment Lviv4U ul. Lichakovskaya, 8/210 1 room.
    To get more information about the rooms and their availability, select the dates of the trip on the website.
    🍳 What services are available in Apartment Lviv4U ul. Lichakovskaya, 8/210?
    For guests apartment Lviv4U ul. Lichakovskaya, 8/210 the following services are available (additional fees may be charged):
    • Internet
    • Room service
    • Staff speaks English
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